Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Veterans Day

We want to wish all the Veterans who are serving and have served at one time or another in their lives a Happy Veterans Day and to say Thank you for your dedication to this country. We know Freedom is Not Free! Someone has to stand up and fight for it. We have several Brothers and Sisters in our church, (including Michelle and her DH, Our Pastor) who have served Our Country to help us keep our freedom. A big thanks to all our Veterans in this Country, and God Bless You!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

This weeks CVS Deals

Ok, I am not great at this yet, but I love the deals we got this week! I am so excited about the savings, stocking up (great for gift baskets, thanks to Michelles thought on that) and not to mention the fun in all the shopping and not spending much if any $$.

I am going to try and post my deals of the week, minus a couple products,(that were consumed before we even made it home!!)

And by the way, a great big Thank you to Michelle for ALL her help, both before the accident, and YES, believe it or not, even the same day after surgery and today!!

Ok, here goes: I will probably miss something, but I hope to start keeping a better log of my earnings and spendings in the weeks to come!!!

Deal 1: With my $1.00 mfg coupon on the tums, $3/10 CVS products Coupon and my $8.000 ECB's I was OOP .62, but I earned $5.00 in ECB. Not great but a good deal for me.

Deal 2: With $50.00 CVS coupon for the Ascencia monitor from the Managing and Preventing Deabetes booklet free in the store, and my mfg $2.00 off coup on the clinical deodorant, 3-$1.00 off coup on the fruit2O, and $13.00 ECB's I saved a whopping $116.77 on this trip and get a $50.00 Mail in rebate. Plus I earned $11.00 ECB's.

Deal 3: , With coffee coupon, 2-$1.00 off coup for fruit2O, and $4.00 ECB's, I saved a total of $31.54 and earned $4.00 ECB's.

Deal 4: With 3-$1.50 off coupons on the colgate, $4/$20 coupon, $3/$15 coupon, $2/$10 coupon, and 6 ECB's I saved a total of $20.21 and earned $8.00 ECB's.

And last of all, Deal 5: With $3/$10 CVS Products coupon and .50 coup, and $6.55 CVS gift card, I was OOP $2.38, and saved 16.51 on this trip but I earned $10.00 ECB's and gained a lot of product.

The Whole week in a nut shell looks like this:
for a total savings for the week of $189.03 and an earning of $38.00 ECB's, a gift card for $25.00 for a new prescription and a pending $50.00 rebate on the monitor. I hope to get better at this CVS deal where I am not OOP at all and not using so many ECB's per transaction. I need to acquire more coupons! :-) Grins
There were a couple other transactions within the week where I was OOP more than I wanted to be but I chose to hang on to my ECB's since the earnings were so minimal. (Probably not a wise choice!!) But I am learning, I hope! Head on over to Money Saving Mom to check out many more great savings! Wow, amazing!! Oh, I forgot to mention that our CVS had the CVS Body wash on sale for .49 each, and still gave back $1.00 ECB on each one. AMAZING!

Saturday Update on Michelle

Good morning all. Just wanted to update on Michelle's progess. Surgery went well as I mentioned yesterday, and she is FREE!!! She made it to prayer meeting last night, no better place to be than in The House of God!! She is in great spirits, in some pain but she is free from the hospital and on her road to recovery! Continue to keep her in your prayers as her healing takes place. Many of you may not know, but her hair is very very long!! Like to her knees and longer, and she is tall!! So needless to say, one hand combing that much hair is going to be quite a chore! Pray for her strength and help from her family. She is blessed with a wonderful family and they are great about pitching in when needed. The household chores won't be an issue, they will pick up the slack and go. Just the hair issue.. Please pray for her.

Have a wonderful Saturday and I will continue to update as time goes by.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Surgery Update on Michelle

Good afternoon everyone. Just wanted to update all on Michelle's surgery. She is out of surgery and receovery and back in her room. The bad news is, she did break the balljoint in her elbow. Her DH said like an eggshell in 4 places. So that means they did have to replace the elbow with a metal balljoint. But the good news is, the ligaments and tendons are in good shape and recovery will be much faster, IJN!!! Also the cast won't have to be changed out every 2 weeks like a normal cast!! We give God the praise and glory for being with her in surgery and guiding the surgeons hands! We just want to continue to keep her in prayer as the healing process begins. That the pain be a minimal and the healing go quickly! Doctors know a lot but they don't know what our God knows!! He can make all work 100% with that new elbow. He is a God of miracles!!!

Friday Morning Update On Michelle

Good morning all. Just wanted to update on Michelle this morning. She is scheduled to go into surgery at 11:00 am, but honestly we are praying she can go in sooner. She has been dealing with a lot of pain and swelling through the night. It needs to be overwith so she can start her road to recovery!! Please keep her in your prayers this morning, pray for the surgeon and the nurses that they keep their minds on what is best for Michelle. God will be in that surgery room and we are believing Him for a complete recovery. We are also believing for just putting the existing balljoint in place and not actually having to put a metal one in there!! God is able to do miracles, even at this stage!! God is a miracle worker!!!

We appreciate all your prayers and thoughts through her time of trial right now. Pray also for the family!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Update on Michelle

First I want to say thank you to all who have been praying and continue to pray for Michelle at By The Grace of God. We spent a little time with her this afternoon at the hospital and she was really in good spirits. Unfortunately, she is going to have to undergo surgery tomorrow instead of today. The Dr. said she crushed the balljoint in her elbow and they had to order parts to get this fixed. (OUCH!) So instead of being out and home already, surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. Please pray that God guides the surgeons and nurses, and that she gets to go home quickly after recovery. That is her desire, to go home and rest in her own bed!! God is able. Besides, God can still heal the break overnight!!

Thank you for your continued prayers, for Michelle and her family. You know how things are when Mom is not home!!

Gods blessings to all!!

Urgent Prayer Request!!!

Good morning all. I have been slacking in the blog business, things have been so busy. But I have an urgent request, please pray for my dear friend Michelle at By The Grace of God. She needs prayer right now in a most urgent way. She fell real early this morning and broke her elbow and dislocated her arm. She will be having surgery this afternoon. Now this is not good for anyone, but this is one busy lady and this is definitely NOT something she needs. Please pray for her surgery, that God guides the surgeons and nurses hands and minds. And pray that the healing process goes well!! I will update as time goes by.

Friday, October 26, 2007

God's Blessings!

First of all I want to say sorry for being out of the net for so long! It has been a rough couple of weeks. Between sickness, (icky flu) with all of us, and then pink-eye to top it all off, and dealing with other issues, I have not made time to blog. I have been reading when I had a chance, but just not in the mood to write. Maybe afraid of what I may put down, not material for blogging.

Psa 37:5 Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring [it] to pass.

This verse of scripture is so true!! We have been praying about some situations that needed to be taken care of, and once again, God has proved His faithfulness!! Even though I have a tendency to stress, God comes in right on time! He knows our every need and He hears our prayers.

Things have been pretty rough lately in the financial area, too rough actually. But God has made a way. We had MinPin puppies we were trying to sell and it seemed like the devil just kept blocking every effort we were making to get them sold. We were putting them on Cr*ig L*st and people with attitudes kept flagging our ads. We didn;t have the $ to advertise them in the local newspaper like we usually do, so we kept trying and trying. Praying and praying, and I asked Michelle to Please Pray! Well, we sold them both. With this we were able to take care of a very needed issue, get some groceries, (necessities) and take a shopping trip to CVS. Thanks to Michelle and all the information from Money Saving Mom I was able to start my journey on saving money while obtaining lots of needed items. Michelle helped me out, as I was a chicken to use the coupons!! "Grins" It was a real blessing for me. It really works. Michelle kept telling me it works, and I believed her, I was just scared to attempt it. I know on my own I would have messed it up!! I am looking forward to more savings with coupon clipping and money saving blessings. On such a tight budget, saving money is wonderful! Now if I could get the wisdom I need to feed my family on $35.oo a week like Money Saving Mom I would be much better off. I am excited about this new journey. Below are my first savings adventures: which by the way was a lot of fun!

First trip (No ECB's to start with)
3 Tylenol 100 Tabs @ 8.69 Each = 26.07
-CVS coup 4/20
-CVS coup 2/10
- 3 $5.00 Tylenol Coup Here
total OOP with tax was $6.54 but I earned $10.00 ECB's

Next trip click here
And My late night trip last night consisted of this

Although this trip did not come as easy as the other two, I had some opposition with the cashier. For some reason the Maalox tabs did not ring up the ECB's, therefore with a little persistence, I actually ended up with $5.00 ECB's and $9.00 in gift cards. I am looking forward to more wonderful shopping trips and savings!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Psa 5:11 But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee.

Today I want to say I am Thankful for such a Loving and Caring God. A God we can depend on, take our pain and sorrow to and He never turns us away!

Yesterday morning I started my (hopefully) long future plan of walking every morning. (Doc says the heart needs it)!! While I was walking my mile + (Oh on the treadmill by the way), I was talking to God, and I just knew without a doubt He was listening! I felt such a peace and comfort talking to Him and telling Him how much I loved and appreciated Him. Lifting up the needs of family, friends, saints and loved ones. What and Awesome God we serve!

I am thankful for my job, although I can't wait for God to give me a new one. Time to move on! I am thankful that this job is still there for me.

I am thankful for a 3 day holiday weekend that we just had! I got some much needed rest and was able to get things done in the house I usually don't have time to do. Plus read a bit more than usual!! (I love to read)!

I am thankful for my friend Michelle . She doesn't really know just how much she has been a blessing in my life and for my family!! She has taken so much time from her busy life and dropped what she needed to do and been here for us!! I can't even count the many times she, (and her family) have done this for us! God knew what He was doing when He sealed this friendship!! I remember so many years ago when we first started coming to church and our Pastor had all of us go up front and pray. He had Michelle Stand next to me and put her hand on my shoulder and pray with me. From that day forth God did something! He knew what I needed and was going to need in the years to come!! A VERY special friend!!

I am thankful that God is going to bring back our wayward daughter, bring her back to Him, and to us. It has been several years now since she decided to take her own path in life and leave God behind. But I know that I serve a prayer answering God and He said in Luk 11:9 And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. I believe that God hears our prayers for her and He will bring her back. I am thankful for her walking back in these doors and having a changed heart!!

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pretty in Pink

"The Squirt" decided she wanted to be like her brothers and wear a "hat". So she wore her pink Princess hat. She is so much joy around here. No matter how my day, she brings a smile to my face somehow. God knew what He was doing when He blessed us with this little girl!! She is not shy at all, she loves the camera and a laugh. Especially if she is the one making you laugh!! Her latest thing is walking around the house singing Praises to God!! She loves to sing, "Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus" or "Glory Glory, Halleluiah". What a Joy this is to our souls!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

WD Passport Portable Hard Drive Giveaway Sponsored By 5 Minutes for Mom

Yes, Western Digital understands that Moms have some of the most important data that needs backing up. And they have generously offered to give 3 of us our own new Passport hard drive in one of their new just-launched fun colors.

She will draw 3 lucky winners and WD will give each winner one Passport in a new color with a carrying case. In addition, they would like to offer those who do not win Passport units, a coupon for a free passport case with a Passport purchase at their online store.

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You definitely want to get started with a Passport, so enter a comment at 5 Minutes for Moms and link back from your own blog to let your readers know about this great giveaway. These are invaluable for storing data and digital images.

They will draw the three winners on Friday, October 5th.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

More Prayer Requests

Lately it seems like I have so many prayer requests. This time I am asking prayer for our daughter Jessica and son in law Aaron. They just had a very sorrowful event take place in their lives. Jessica miscarried a set of twins. They (as we) were so excited for the new little ones they were going to bring into the world. Unfortunately they did not make it. Of course we know God has a plan for all things and He knows what is best in our lives. I am very thankful she was not very far along, although this does not dismiss the fact that she is now a heartbroken young lady, and he a heartbroken young man. Please pray for their healing through God and that bitterness will not set in their hearts. That God will help them see Him in this plan He has for them. Pray that when the time is right, God will bless them with their hearts desire.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Free Samples Thanks to a friend!!

Thanks to a very special friend Michelle I am on my way to receiving my free samples and so can you. Just go to the links below and enjoy the samples!! I love free!!

Folgers Gourmet Selections. Get A Free Sample

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Psa 107:1 ¶ O give thanks unto the LORD, for [he is] good: for his mercy [endureth] for ever.

I want to say first and foremost I am thankful for The Lord nd His mercies in my life. I am so thankful that His mercy does endure forever. Without His mercy, I would be dead or most miserable. I know that I am not worthy of His mercy, but I am so thankful He saw fit to bring me out of the gutter of sin and set me free!

This may sound funny, but I am thankful for all your thankful hearts. Reading your thankfulness encourages me each time I read. I am so glad that my friend Michelle encouraged me to start blogging. I have been blessed beyond measure with blogs I have read.

I am thankful for my young female Min Pin who had her puppies a little early and is being a wonderful mommy. Although only 2 out of the 4 have survived, she is being a very patient mommy for her first litter. She is very loving and protective of her babes. I know she gets tired of being locked up with the pups so long, but when she goes out, she is always anxious to get back to her little ones. I am so thankful the 2 that survived are doing great. Fat butterballs, ready to start venturing out a little further than their kennel each day.

I am thankful for what God does with our mistakes that we make in life and can make something negative have a positive outcome if we give it to Him. I was talking to my 19 year old daughter this evening and we were saying how thankful we were taht God is able to take our mistakes and make something good come from them! Although we tend to make choices that God would rather we not make sometimes, if we are willing to humble ourselves and submit ourselves to Him He can pick up the pieces of our lives and make the outcome a blessing. I am just thankful that His mercy is there for us!!

I am thankful that this heatwave is almost over! I don't like hot humid weather, (why do I live in Kansas??) grins, and I am so looking forward to Fall!!

I am thankful that God is going to someday bring our wayward daughter back home. It has been a long time since she decided to take her life into her own hands and walk away from God, but I believe that as long as we hang on to our Faith, and don't give up on God, that she will turn back to Him, she will be back in His safety and with her family who so misses her!

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Urgent prayer requests!!

I am asking everyone to please pray for a couple of needs we have in the church. One is for a brother who is really ill, and they are contemplating amputating his foot. Please pray that God intervenes with this and Heals his foot quickly. It has been a long ongoing infection that he has had but we know God is a healer!! Pray for his wife also, she is really having a rough time with this situation, as she is not real well herself.

Also pray for our guy Josh!! He is not our son, but he is my best friends son, and he is a wonderful young man, and our family loves him!! He was at the ER for most of the morning yesterday with an issue. Pray God keeps His hand on him, and stop whatever the devil is trying to put on his body!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Wow, Another Great Prize Giveaway

BooMama is having a great prize giveaway for Casting Crowns newest CD release. Just click here to check out the link and to have a chance to win.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Joanna (Squirt) Is 2

A little late on posting her birthday as it was the 31st of July but she is quickly growing up!! She has been such joy to this family since our older girls are all grown up and married. Joanna puts a smile on my face no matter how I feel!!

Thankful Thursday

First of all things I am Thankful For The Lord Jesus Christ and His Love, Grace and Mercy to me and my family.
I first of all want to apologize for being away from my blogspot for so long. Things have been so very busy lately, I haven't made the time to sit and type for just a few minutes. But I did want to get back in here and try again!

I want to say how thankful I am for Gods love. How He takes care of us from day to day. Since my last postings, lots of things have happened. Our van, which was on its last leg died. I was on my way home from work on a Friday evening and it gave out. Needless to say, it is history! God has so much mercy, He made sure we had the ability to replace it before He allowed it to give out on us. Just that very day He provided the financial means for us to purchase a used one. Of course we didn't know it was in His plan for it to give out on us that day. Long story short, He blessed us with a great van, for the price we had been praying for for several weeks! God is totally awesome, and NO payments!!

I am thankful for my family. For my husband for being so patient with me when I don't cook..... which seems to be often lately. (Always running here and there every day it seems)! He is always willing to help wherever he can, or wherever I ask him to. For my boys for being so helpful with their little sister (Squirt) who by the way is 2 now!!!

I am thankful for my job. Although I am really ready for a new job, I am thankful that this one is still ongoing, (as a contractor for the US Army it can be dropped at any time). God has kept this job open for me a lot longer than they expected it to be. He knows!!

I am thankful for out Pastor and His Wife! They always keep us in their prayers, (God knows we need them)! I am thankful that they continue to be the examples and leaders that we and our children need.

I am thankful for my future grandchildren!! Yeah.... we are so excited!! God is blessing and ading to our family!!

I am thankful for this blog community, I am so blessed by so many of your blogs I read. You will never know just how much I am blessed when I read your stories and blessings!! Keep us in your prayers, and God bless!!

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New Contests @ 5 Minutes for Moms

Wow everyone. Look at what 5 Minutes for Moms is giving away. 2 great giveaways! First a HP Photosmart A626 Compact Photo Printer. This is a wonderful prize! Check out her blogspot, and link this giveaway to your site for the chance to win this awesome printer. I know I could sure use one. Thanks 5 Minutes for Moms. For More information and to enter the contest head on over here. to check out this giveaway, and don't forget to link her to your blogspot. 5 Minutes for Mom will draw the lucky winner on Monday September, 10th, so hurry on over.

Her next giveaway is a $100 Gift Certificate from Land's End. Wow, imagine what you could get with that!! For More information and to enter the contest head on over here.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Meet Joanna a.k.a."Squirt"

This is The "Squirt" that so freely gives smiles. I have to tell you a funny story about what she did in church last night. I was in the nursery with her during service, "she is forever hungry!!" and she stopped what she was doing with her friend and said " Mommy, I have to go poop". Well, she is in the process of potty training, and this is the first time she ever stopped to tell me she had to do "that". So we quickly walk to the ladies restroom, and to my surprise, she had NOT done her business in her pull up. I sat her on the stool and sure enough, within seconds she did her business. Needless to say I was very excited about this milestone and she was excited that I was excited! This was an accomplishment and I hope to see more days like this.

Thankful Thursday June 21

First of all things I am Thankful For The Lord Jesus Christ and His Love, Grace and Mercy to me and my family. Without His Amazing Grace I would be so lost and undone. Even though I am so unworthy of His Grace and Mercy, He so freely gave His life that I, we could be saved.
I am thankful for the peace God gives me even in the midst of our trials. Financially things have been a struggle for quite a while, and our van is on its last leg, (pray God opens the door for a new one really soon), no AC in teh van, Central Air out at home, and on the list goes, but through it all God has given me peace and strength to praise Him no matter what I face in this life. This world is not my home, I'm just passing through. Like Phl 3:14 states: I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. (KJV) My husband and I have sung the song titled He's In The Midst a few times and that is how my heart feels today. No matter what I want to be thankful.
I am again thankful for God's faithfulness and for being a prayer answering God. I am so happy He has heard the many prayers that have gone up not just from us, but from our daughter and son in law, friends and other family members. We are so excited for them and for us that we will be grandparents early next year! God is just so awesome!!
I am thankful for my boys, Daniel-11 and Caleb-7. There are many days when I think they suspect mom may be troubled or worried about things and they just give me a hug and tell me they love me. They don't usually ask questions, they just hug me and *kiss* me and say "I love you mom"! They don't realize the impact that has on me, how much it makes me rejoice that they are there for me. They freely give their love, especially if they think mom may be sad.
I am thankful for Joanna a.k.a "Squirt" and her precious love and smiles. She always has a hug and smile for me when I come home from work, no matter how hard or stressful my day at work, she smiles and puts a smile on my face.
I am thankful for this community of bloggers who have truly blessed my heart beyond measure. For more Thankful Thursday hearts go on over to Sting My Heart

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Luk 11:9 KJV And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
1). First of all things I am thankful for Jesus' Love, Mercy and Grace. For loving even me. For giving me a new life!
2). I am so thankful we serve a prayer answering God. I couldn't wait to tell everyone that I am thankful we are going to be grandparents!! Regardless of what the doctors may have tried to say, God said different!! He has blessed our daughter and son in law by making their hearts desire a reality!! Like Luke 11:9 says, Ask.... Prayer most definitely works!!
3). I am thankful for the blessings we DO have. At times I mope about what we don't have, but today I want to Thank God for the things we DO have.
4). I am thankful for a strong church and Pastor & His wife that are dedicated to the work of God and lead by example.
5). I am thankful for my friend!! She may not realize how much of a help she has been to me in the last 15 years or so, but I know, and I just want to tell her thanks!!! Too many times I have called in the middle of the night, with a broken heart or a situation in life, and she has never turned me away! That is a friend!!
6). I am thankful for life. Although this world is not my home, and I await the next life with my Lord and Saviour, I am thankful for the ability to be alive and hopefully be a witness to someone while I am here.
7). I am thankful for this community of bloggers and Thankful Thursday. My heart is always blessed by so many thankful hearts.
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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Contest!! Father's Day Giveaway Sponsored By 5 Minutes For Moms

We have another gift idea for Dad in Part 2 of our Father’s Day contest - once again courtesy of the fabulous folks at Best Buy - the Rocketfish™ Twister Wireless Laser Notebook Mouse.
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It retails at $44.99, but is on sale at Best Buy for $29.99. You can even see the Twister mouse in action at - click on over and check it out.
For More information and to enter the contest head on over here.
God Bless and wish you the best.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thankful Thursday

1Ch 16:34 KJV O give thanks unto the LORD; for [he is] good; for his mercy [endureth] for ever.

First and foremost I am thankful for Gods love and Grace. He is so wonderful to me. I am so thankful for His daily peace and strength.

I am thankful for Thankful Thursday posts, as I read more and more Thankful Thursday posts, I grow more and more aware of Gods awesome blessings.

I am thankful for our Pastor and his Wife. They are wonderful people always prayerful and so dedicated to the work of God.

I am thankful that I still have a job today. Work has been very busy and stressful lately to say the least, and then to top it all off, I was told on Wednesday that unless I completed some recertifications by COB I would not have a job today!! Well, needless to say it was not my fault these recertifications had not been done yet, between technology and time, but that was of no excuse to the HR people. Well, by the Grace and Mercy of God I was able to complete the recertifications; (8 hrs worth) in about 2 hours. I give God all the Glory for that. I was almost ready to throw in the towel!!

I am thankful for the job God going to provide for my husband. I am thanksful for this by faith!! I know He has a plan and there is a job being prepared for my husband.

I am thankful for my children. For their unconditional love and smiles! They are very patient with mom!! "Squirt" just gives smiles all day long, (unless she is tired or hungry!!) Grin.

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Monday, June 4, 2007

What an awesome God we serve!

God is so Awesome. We had a wonderful service in Church Sunday night. God just seemed to move in the service Sunday night in such a powerful and beautiful way. He just seemed to sweep over the sanctuary, touching and strengthening people. Without this well of strength to draw from, my week would be really difficult to deal with. I am just so thankful for God's love and strength.

Psa 18:2
The LORD [is] my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, [and] my high tower. KJV

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thankful Thursday

How excellent [is] thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings. Psa. 36:7 KJV

* First of all I want to say how thankful I am to The Lord for His Grace and Mercy. Without His Grace and Mercy I would be totally lost. He has been so good to me and my family. Even in the midst of trials, He is always there. My faith and trust are in Him.

* I am thankful for my children, for the love they so freely give. Even when I fail them they have their arms wide open for a hug. I am thankful for the help my boys give us, with all of our older girls gone and married, having a 22 month old "Squirt" at home can be a very busy life when I work full time and try to keep up with the household chores. They are very helpful.

* I am thankful for my loving husband who is beyond patient with me! I seem to slack often when it comes to a decent meal on the table for him, but he doesn't complain, he just helps out. He takes up the slack for me where I can't get things done, even with his health issues, he is there and ready to do whatever needs to be done.

* I am thankful for friends that are there when you need them. Without my most faithful friend, I don't know what I would have done all these years that things have been difficult. She has always been there, no matter what time of day or night, she listens and helps me out of the dumps!! And she helps me with "Squirt" beyond mention!!

* I am thankful for my job, although it is time for a new job, I am thankful that I do have this one for now.

* I am thankful for a wonderful Pastor and his Wife that are always there to pray for us, listen and to encourage. I am so glad they follow after God and His word to preach the Gospel to us without compromise!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day 2007. For many, a reminder of our loved ones who are no longer with us in the present, but dearly remembered in our hearts. As another Memorial Day comes and goes, I need to remember that God should always be first and foremost in my life. Life is short, and if I am not right with God, then all of my life would be in vain. I sometimes need a gentle reminder from God that no matter what situations come my way, He is there to help me through, I just have to allow Him to take control.
We give honor and thanks to those Soldiers who have and still do today, serve this Country so that we can lay our heads on our pillows at night and feel safe and secure. Thank God for a Free and Safe Country, and thanks to those who serve to keep it that way. May God Bless you and your families.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Weekend Blessing

First of all, I wanted to mention that I am a garage sale nut. I love to find great bargains at garage sales. Never know what someone else may not want anymore that I amy want, or need!!! We have been needing a new countertop in our kitchen for quite a while, and I would much rather get a great bargain than pay full price!!. Especially when finances are on the tight side. So, this morning the kids and I went on our garage sale hunts and there was a nice looking countertop bigger than what we need, which of course Michelle said, "Use extra piece for the other side of counter"..... duh here. But it's a perfect idea!! Anyhow, the countertop is in great shape, and hubby just needs to cut it to fit. God is so awesome and always knows what we need and want!!! Pray we find a "cheap" sink to go with it. :-) Well, Michelle picked it up for us and now it awaits being cut to fit. Yeah!! I also got Joanna, a.k.a "Squirt" a kitchen set for a great price!! Photo will be posted soon.

Monday, May 7, 2007

New at Blogging

I am new at this blogging and I hope to learn a lot in my journies. I have read so many wonderful blogs, and now it is time to venture out and try it, with some help of a very special friend of mine!!