Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Family Favorite Recipe

I just wanted to share a recipe with you all that I borrowed from Here at Finding Joy in My Kitchen. My family has decided this is their favorite!! Even Squirt asks for seconds and thirds if I would let her!! LOL They love it and it is perfect for this cooler weather we are having. I have tweeked it just a little bit. The changes I made are: I totally omitted the butter, I used shredded carrots, (had these on hand) I used 1 whole red onion instead of minced onion (we love onion) skim milk to keep the fat out and 1 large can sliced mushrooms. This cooks up so good. And makes plenty for my big eaters and lots of left overs.

I invite you to Join Me in The Journey

I haven't linked my blog about our new Twin Grandsons as I obviously haven't been posting here for a long time. I am ashamed that I have allowed time to go by so much. I apologize to all of you that I slacked up keeping in touch with. I would like to invite you all to join in our Journey and read all about the beautiful little Angels God blessed our daughter and son inlaw with. Well, us too!!! *Grins*
Click here to join me in the Journey and follow along as these little Angels continue to grow. You will have to scroll down to older posts in order to catch it all from the beginning. Lov eyou guys. Please continue to pray for Michelle. She is almost at her appointment right now as I type.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Praise Report

It has been over a year since I have posted. Many issues, (besides lazy) going on in my life and I have just put it off. But with this Praise report, I can't contain it any more!!! Michelle , as most of you know has been battling the big battle of cancer. Well, Thank God the battle is won, and God gets ALL the glory!!! Click here to see her post and read all about it if you haven't been following her battle. We just want you to know that we love you sis and we are so excited to see what God is going to do next!! Who ever said Miracloes don't happen anymore? Noone can convince me of that, especially now!!! Thank God for His tender Mercy!!! The only thing I could do was thank God and let the tears roll.