Saturday, May 12, 2007

Weekend Blessing

First of all, I wanted to mention that I am a garage sale nut. I love to find great bargains at garage sales. Never know what someone else may not want anymore that I amy want, or need!!! We have been needing a new countertop in our kitchen for quite a while, and I would much rather get a great bargain than pay full price!!. Especially when finances are on the tight side. So, this morning the kids and I went on our garage sale hunts and there was a nice looking countertop bigger than what we need, which of course Michelle said, "Use extra piece for the other side of counter"..... duh here. But it's a perfect idea!! Anyhow, the countertop is in great shape, and hubby just needs to cut it to fit. God is so awesome and always knows what we need and want!!! Pray we find a "cheap" sink to go with it. :-) Well, Michelle picked it up for us and now it awaits being cut to fit. Yeah!! I also got Joanna, a.k.a "Squirt" a kitchen set for a great price!! Photo will be posted soon.

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