Friday, November 9, 2007

Surgery Update on Michelle

Good afternoon everyone. Just wanted to update all on Michelle's surgery. She is out of surgery and receovery and back in her room. The bad news is, she did break the balljoint in her elbow. Her DH said like an eggshell in 4 places. So that means they did have to replace the elbow with a metal balljoint. But the good news is, the ligaments and tendons are in good shape and recovery will be much faster, IJN!!! Also the cast won't have to be changed out every 2 weeks like a normal cast!! We give God the praise and glory for being with her in surgery and guiding the surgeons hands! We just want to continue to keep her in prayer as the healing process begins. That the pain be a minimal and the healing go quickly! Doctors know a lot but they don't know what our God knows!! He can make all work 100% with that new elbow. He is a God of miracles!!!

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Vicki said...

What a good friend you are to Michelle. I'm praying right now for God to give her a good recovery with minimal pain. Sounds like the surgery went well - so glad to hear it. May the Lord bless you, dear one.