Saturday, November 10, 2007

This weeks CVS Deals

Ok, I am not great at this yet, but I love the deals we got this week! I am so excited about the savings, stocking up (great for gift baskets, thanks to Michelles thought on that) and not to mention the fun in all the shopping and not spending much if any $$.

I am going to try and post my deals of the week, minus a couple products,(that were consumed before we even made it home!!)

And by the way, a great big Thank you to Michelle for ALL her help, both before the accident, and YES, believe it or not, even the same day after surgery and today!!

Ok, here goes: I will probably miss something, but I hope to start keeping a better log of my earnings and spendings in the weeks to come!!!

Deal 1: With my $1.00 mfg coupon on the tums, $3/10 CVS products Coupon and my $8.000 ECB's I was OOP .62, but I earned $5.00 in ECB. Not great but a good deal for me.

Deal 2: With $50.00 CVS coupon for the Ascencia monitor from the Managing and Preventing Deabetes booklet free in the store, and my mfg $2.00 off coup on the clinical deodorant, 3-$1.00 off coup on the fruit2O, and $13.00 ECB's I saved a whopping $116.77 on this trip and get a $50.00 Mail in rebate. Plus I earned $11.00 ECB's.

Deal 3: , With coffee coupon, 2-$1.00 off coup for fruit2O, and $4.00 ECB's, I saved a total of $31.54 and earned $4.00 ECB's.

Deal 4: With 3-$1.50 off coupons on the colgate, $4/$20 coupon, $3/$15 coupon, $2/$10 coupon, and 6 ECB's I saved a total of $20.21 and earned $8.00 ECB's.

And last of all, Deal 5: With $3/$10 CVS Products coupon and .50 coup, and $6.55 CVS gift card, I was OOP $2.38, and saved 16.51 on this trip but I earned $10.00 ECB's and gained a lot of product.

The Whole week in a nut shell looks like this:
for a total savings for the week of $189.03 and an earning of $38.00 ECB's, a gift card for $25.00 for a new prescription and a pending $50.00 rebate on the monitor. I hope to get better at this CVS deal where I am not OOP at all and not using so many ECB's per transaction. I need to acquire more coupons! :-) Grins
There were a couple other transactions within the week where I was OOP more than I wanted to be but I chose to hang on to my ECB's since the earnings were so minimal. (Probably not a wise choice!!) But I am learning, I hope! Head on over to Money Saving Mom to check out many more great savings! Wow, amazing!! Oh, I forgot to mention that our CVS had the CVS Body wash on sale for .49 each, and still gave back $1.00 ECB on each one. AMAZING!

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Sondra said...

What is ECB?
Looks like you got a great deal!