Sunday, May 4, 2008

CVS and Walmart

Well, it has been ages since I have posted and I feel horrible about it. Health has been a little on the downside lately and just plain laziness!! Wanted to share some of this weeks/months CVS and Walmart deals. One thing I must say, since starting CVS and coupon shopping, my family has had so much more than we ever had. Pantry stocked, toothpaste, body wash, etc. Amazing how God blesses us!!!

Ok, on with the deals: Click here to see the deal Michelle and I did at CVS (she took a great photo!!), minus the granola bars, and add in 2 bags of CVS watermelon slices and a pkg. of peanut butter crackers. All of which needless to say did NOT make it home.

Then my son and daughter (Squirt) and I ventured on to Walmart Saturday and decided to attempt a few deals. It turned out great!! Here is what we ended up with! We ended up with 5 Honey bunches of Oats cereal, 6 Huggies Clean Team Wipes, 3 Old spice Body wash, Dove Deoderant, Scrubbing bubbles Kit, 4 Disposable Scotchbrite Toilet bowl brushes, 4 Johnson Buddies, 1 pkg cakesters, 3 boxes Ronzoni spagetti, and a pkg. of runts. All this for $10.08 OOP, would have been $3.00 less, but she deleted a Q and never scanned it back in. I know not great as far as OOP goes, but it was a savings of $53.00. I was happy about it. I plan to go back to get more of the toilet bowl cleaners before Q's expire. To read many more great deals head on over to Money Saving Mom.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Baby is Home

Hi all. Just an update on baby Myra. She is finally home, and Mom and Dad are so happy and excited to finally have baby girl home!!! She is growing quickly. She passed the 5 pound mark, and is growing like a weed. If you can see the stitching on her outfit, "Piglet" that fits her wonderfully!!! God has truly blessed this little girl and helped her to make it home so quickly. More photos to come as soon as possible. God bless to all!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

We're Grandparents!!! Praise God!

It has been a long time since I have posted, I have really been a slacker! We want to give God all the Glory and Praise for His Grace and Mercy in what He has done in our beautiful Grandaughters life. Baby Myra Elisse entered this world on December 29th 2007 at 10:24 P.M. She was almost 7 weeks early, but God has truly been in the whole situation. Long story on the birth, but God blessed our daughter and son in law with a beautiful little girl who is strong and healthy. Lord willing she will be going home early to mid next week. She is doing fantastic, even surprising the doctors and nurses. No oxygen or anything, just needing to be where they want her to go home. We were quite surprised with her early arrival, however we are so excited she is here. Mom and Dad of course are just beside themselves!!! Michelle and I made the trip (LONG) to the hospital a little after baby was born, just in time to see them get her ready to be air lifted to the neo-natal unit. Then we went to visit on Tuesday, my how she has changed!!!!! As you can see from the photos just a couple of days apart! Grandpa has not been able to see her in real life yet because he has been sick and is not going to pass the germs on to her. He can't wait to see her and hold her!!!!